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BDPW works on a global scale with Investors, Lenders and Traders from all around the world.


BDPW only invest in Crypto Currencies bringing a unique focus and depth of expertise to this sector.

Black Diamond Private Wealth Ltd (BDPW) prides itself on its world class educational platform that we provide, on a global scale with Investors, Lenders and Traders from all around the world.
As a family owned company, we are small enough to make every investment decision with precise targeting and we hold very strong family values when investing our client’s money.

Clients always come first

At BDPW, clients always come first. We understand our clients' requirements and we design investment strategies and devise asset allocations to meet their objectives. We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously and are driven to deliver competitive performance while building long-term relationships.

Great investment opportunities

As a company, we operate a proprietary Indexed Fund, Crypto Trading Funds and Long Term Coin Holding Funds on behalf of our clients. These funds are targeted to either high trading probabilities for short term gain or long term asset growth. More information below as we break down the investment opportunities.

Unique investment opportunities

BDPW Coin is currently being created:

As BDPW are well and truly entrenched into the crypto currency space, we feel that it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t create our own coin. The BDPW coin will reflect its value based on the value of our proprietary indexed fund. We anticipate the release of our coin on the open market within the next 6 months. The coin is currently under development and the white paper will be released in due course.

This coin will offer a future investment opportunity for clients of BDPW who are invested within the company to gain some additional returns as this coin will be structured in a way that the price can only increase in value based on the funds that are locked in our indexed fund for a term of either 3 or 5 years. This unique approach to a coins value will set the BDPW coin apart from any other coin in the crypto space and allow a less risky investment over the long term for investors.

BDPW Black Token

There will be no pre-mining of this coin and no Initial Coin Offering (ICO). This coin will be released at a value of $2,500 USD and will be price locked to the indexed fund in a similar way that the US dollar was pegged to gold.

What is cryptocurrency

Crypto Mining

Cryptocurrency is a digital money, created from code.

No government control

Free of all governmental oversight, the cryptocurrency economy is monitored by a peer-to-peer internet protocol.


Cryptocurrency is an encrypted string of data or a hash, encoded to signify one unit of currency.

Examples of cryptocurrency


Bitcoin BTC

Etherium coin

Ethereum ETH

Ripple coin

Ripple XRP

EOS coin


Litecoin coin

Litecoin LTE

Cardano coin

Cardano ADA

Crypto Currency Trading

BDPW offers Crypto Currency Trading of client’s funds, to select clients who wish to build a portfolio suited to their own level of risk.

Bitcoin on the chart

If you have a healthy appetite for taking on more risk, then our professional trading team will trade your capital, based on the risk levels that you advise. We have extremely high risk strategies that normally pay an extremely high level percentage return and we have much more conservative trading styles for clients with a lower risk tolerance.

We trade based on the rules we agree to in an initial telephone interview, taking into consideration your appetite of risk and tolerance to the crypto markets. We will never quote a set return when trading the crypto markets as our prior results do not reflect any future results. If you are interested in this strategy, one of our Authorised Representatives will go through a set of questions to get a full understanding of your requirements and tailor a package to suit. Our normal fee is 3% of the account balance being traded and we charge this payment in Bitcoin.

Todd Butterfield

Head Trader

Todd Butterfield photo

Todd Butterfield
President | Chief Strategist,
Wyckoff SMI and BDPW

In 1982, Mr. Butterfield graduated from the Wyckoff Stock Market Institute and was anxious to put his knowledge to the test. Mr. Butterfield decided to enter the U.S. Investment Championship’s real money competitions to prove that he was able to compete. The first one he entered he placed 12th in the nation, and every competition he entered over the years has been listed below. Mr. Butterfield began his professional career in 1984, as a Professional Stock, Option, and Commodity Trader with Rialcor Shatkin, Chicago, Illinois. In 1990, he registered as a Commodity Trading Advisor with a very successful 4 year track record. In 1991, he became a Financial Consultant for Smith Barney, Quincy, Illinois.

In 1997, Mr. Butterfield founded Butterfield Capital Advisors. As a Registered Investment Advisor, he could now offer fee-based investment advice to his clients.
In 2011, he formed The BlackBay Group, which encompasses BlackBay Capital Advisors (RIA).

In 2016, he took over Wyckoff Stock Market Institute, and began offering expanded stock trading/investing services at Shortly thereafter he began to offer the same type of services to those traders/investors in the Cryptocurrency space.

Client Lending Platform

BDPW offers a solid Lending Platform allowing our clients to lend money to BDPW at very high rates of interest.

Rather than risking your own money to be traded on the very volatile crypto currency markets, BDPW offers a Loan Agreement where you can become the Lender, to take the risk out of investing. As a Lender, you agree to loan a set amount of money to BDPW (minimum $10,000 USD). These funds are used in the proprietary BDPW Indexed Crypto Fund. In return you will receive a high return of interest at the end of the loan term.

You can choose between a 3 year or 5 year loan term, to lend your capital to BDPW. If you choose a 3 year term, you will receive your capital back at the end of the term as well as a guaranteed payment of 55% of the funds loaned in interest. If you choose a 5 year term, you will receive your capital back at the end of the term as well as a guaranteed payment of 100% of the funds loaned in interest. BDPW guarantees your capital back to you at the end of this term. We do this by hedging your loan capital with our own capital within the BDPW Indexed Fund.

Money in the hands

How it works

Crypto Currency Indexed Fund Investment

BDPW Crypto Currency Indexed Fund Investment
BDPW Crypto Currency Indexed Fund Investment
BDPW Crypto Currency Indexed Fund Investment

Introduction to indexing

What are crypto currency index funds?

Crypto currency Index funds are a way of gaining exposure to the crypto market. Most investment markets have indexes that measure their value over time. Indexes cover almost every industry sector and asset class, including Australian and international shares, property, bonds, cash and now crypto currencies.

crypto currencies charts
Finance management

How is indexing different to active management?

Active fund managers try to outperform the index by picking sectors and securities they believe will outperform in the future.

Rather than trying to guess which investments will outperform in the future, index managers replicate a particular market or sector. This means they invest in all or most of the securities in the index.

Indexing is based on the theory that investors as a group cannot beat the market - because they are the market. In fact, when you take costs into account investors as a group must underperform the market.

This is why when you look at the performance tables at any point in time there are always winners and losers. Picking consistent outperformers is almost impossible, so indexing provides a way of accessing market performance without the high costs.

What are the benefits of indexing?

Indexing offers two distinct advantages:

By Investing in the BDPW Crypto Index Fund, you are agreeing to a predetermined profit for the use of your loaned capital.

As the BDPW Indexed Fund operates out of the Vanuatu, the taxation that BDPW pays is a lot more favourable to the profits that can be retained within the fund.

BDPW’s proprietary strategy to Indexing crypto’s within the fund allows only top performing crypto currencies within the fund. Any non-performing coins will be replaced based on the metrics used by BDPW traders. BDPW treat the indexed fund as an active rather than a passive investment and closely monitor the progress on a daily basis.


Client Lending FAQ:

How does the Lending work?

This works the as when you borrow money from a bank, but in the reverse. You lend your capital to BDPW and we use your capital to make profits on the crypto currency markets. In return for your loan to us, we pay you either 55% or 100% interest on your loan capital.

What is the minimum investment?

Unlike our trading accounts, the minimum lending is $10,000 USD

What is the return on this loan?

We pay a guaranteed percentage return for a fixed investment period. A three year fixed investment period will receive a 55% ROI and a 5 year fixed period loan will receive 100% ROI.

How often is this interest paid to the Lender?

We pay the Lender at the end of the fixed time period. You can expect to receive the full amount of the loan + the interest at this time.

Is my Capital guaranteed?

Yes. BDPW uses a hedging strategy with their own capital to offset any risk on the Lenders capital. BDPW guarantees 100% return of your capital in writing.

Is there any paperwork to do?

Yes. BDPW will provide you with a Lenders Agreement which sets out all the terms and conditions on the loaned funds. This is a legally binding agreement and provides the security over your capital and interest payments.

How do I get started as a Lender?

Go to the “Register Your Interest” section and fill in your details. One of our Authorized Representatives will be in touch within 48 hours.

Do I need to complete a Know Your Client (KYC) form?

YES. This is now international law where a firm such as BDPW must know each of our clients and hold a copy of current identification for each client.

Crypto Currency Trading FAQ:

Does BDPW trade a client’s account?

The simple answer is YES we do. As a client of BDPW, we work with you initially to set up what rules we will use to make our trades. This gets very involved as we want to fully understand your appetite to risk. Any good trader can make huge returns, however at BDPW we not only want to make great returns for you, but we want to focus on capital preservation. This is what separates at good trader from a great trader.

Is my Capital 100% safe?

The simple answer is NO. Your capital is being traded on the Crypto currency markets which are extremely volatile. BDPW have very strict trading rules that we use to be as careful with your capital as possible, however we cannot guarantee any future result. Although our past performance has shown excellent returns, this is not indicative of future results. If you are looking for a capital secure investment we recommend the LENDING option below which also gives a guaranteed return of up to 20% with your capital 100% secured.

How much money is the minimum investment?

We will trade any size capital over a minimum of $50,000 USD.

Can I withdraw my capital at any time?

Yes you can. We need time to exist any open positions which may take up to 30 days to ensure the maximum return. If you need your capital back within 48 hours we can also do this, however it is not recommended if you currently have open trades. We will simply work under your instruction.

Authorised Representatives:

Trent Richards photo

Trent Richards


Michael Brown photo

Michael Brown

Authorised Representative
0422 998 091

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Michael Fletcher

Authorised Representative
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Bass Tawil

Authorised Representative
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